FAQs About Cosmetic Acupuncture

Does acupuncture hurt?
The sterile single-use needles vary in length from 7mm – 30mm and are usually 0.16-0.30mm in diameter. As the needles are so fine and delicate, they are usually pain-free when inserted, however it is normal to feel a slight discomfort or a pin-prick sensation over delicate areas on the face (such as forehead and under the eyes). When in situ, it is normal to feel a slight dull or aching sensation, but this should not be an unpleasant feeling and settles when the needles are removed.
If you feel that you have had an adverse reaction from acupuncture then please let your clinician know.

Are the needles clean?
Yes! Single-use pre-sterilized needles are used on each patient. After the needles have been used, they are disposed in a sharps bin which is collected by a hygiene company which we have an annual contract with.

Is Acupuncture safe?
The AACP (Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists) endorses acupuncture as an exceptionally safe treatment, when practised by an AACP member. Your clinician, Sapna, is registered with the AACP and is a highly competent Physiotherapist.

Occasionally, people can be very responsive and sensitive to certain body points used in acupuncture and therefore there is small chance of fainting. Evidence proves that this occurs very rarely and serious side effects are very rare- less than 1 person per 10,000.

If you have any questions about safety, then feel free to mention this before or at the start of your appointment and your clinician will be happy to discuss.

Are there any side-effects?
Since the face has a lot of blood vessels – it is possible for minor bleeding and bruising to occur. Your clinician will do their best to ensure bruising is kept to an absolute minimum. You will also be provided with an aftercare guidance to ensure the best possible outcomes of your treatment.

Occasionally, people can be very responsive and sensitive to certain body points used in acupuncture and therefore there is small chance of fainting, this occurs very rarely and serious side effects are very rare-in less than 1 person per 10,000.

Some people report feeling very relaxed and drowsy after acupuncture too!

How long will the results last?
Research shows that results are typically instant. After the first treatment, the visible benefits are noticeable for up to a month, with accumulative results, over a period of time and regular sessions. After your 5-10 sessions we recommend maintenance sessions every three months for sustainable results.

Are there any age restrictions when having facial cosmetic acupuncture?
Clients must be over the age of 18 to have facial cosmetic acupuncture.
The best age range to have facial acupuncture is usually 20-55 years old. Skin elasticity begins to decline after the age of 21 therefore those with youthful skin will also benefit from cosmetic acupuncture as this will slow down the ageing process.

Who should avoid facial cosmetic acupuncture?
If you identify with any of the following conditions then you cannot have treatment:

  • Pregnancy
  • Heart conditions / pacemaker
  • Thin or fragile skin
  • Psoriasis of the face / infection on the face
  • Known excessive bruising
  • Migraines / headaches
  • Uncontrolled epilepsy / seizures
  • Uncontrolled diabetes
  • Regular Fainting
  • Cancer
  • Bleeding or clotting disorders (haemophilia)

If you identify with the following conditions then you may or may not have the treatment based on your clinician’s discretion:

  • Recent cosmetic procedures (please see the following question for further information)
  • High blood pressure
  • Cold or flu
  • Blood borne viruses (HIV,AIDS or Hepatitis)
  • Vertigo
  • Metal allergies or skin sensitivities

Can I have facial cosmetic acupuncture if I’ve already had previous cosmetic procedures?
It is not advisable to have facial acupuncture soon after your cosmetic procedure. Below is a guideline oh how long you should wait after your cosmetic procedure before having facial acupuncture:

  • Botox & dermal fillers – Your clinician will avoid needling these areas until 3 months have passed
  • Microdermabrasion – wait 30 days
  • Chemical Peel – wait 30 days
  • Laser – wait 30 days
  • Facial surgery – wait 30 days

What visible benefits can I except to see?
There are too many to name! Please refer to the ‘Beauty Acupuncture’ section here which provides you with all of the relevant information.

FAQs About My Sessions

How many sessions will I need?
10-12 sessions are recommended within the space of the first 3 months (initially, twice weekly and then once a week and then once every fortnightly). After the initial 10-12 sessions, it is recommended that you have monthly or three-monthly maintenance sessions in order for the effects to last.

How do I book?
Easy – simply call, SMS or WhatsApp Sapna-your Beauty Acupuncturist on 07555 489 189 and explain that you would like to book in for a ‘Call Me Beautiful.’ A free 10-minute video consultation will then be arranged so that you can discuss and decide which is the best treatment option for you. You can also fill out our contact form here and someone will get back to you.

Can I cancel my appointment?
Please refer to our cancellation policy here.

Do I need to follow any aftercare advice?
Yes – you will be provided with an aftercare advice and guidance sheet to help you obtain the best potential outcome from your treatment. For further information on aftercare please read here.

Do I need to bring anything to the session?
It is sensible to arrive without any makeup or products on your face. If you are unable to remove your makeup prior to the session then it is wise to bring your makeup remover with you.

Bring your personal daily moisturiser which you would like your clinician to apply on your face during the nourishing mini facial at the end of the session. If you forget to bring yours then your clinician will provide a moisturiser from the Simple brand which is UK’s number one facial skin brand and is kind to the skin, eco-friendly and vegan.

How long is each session?
You will have the opportunity to have a complimentary 10 minute video consultation with Sapna. Here you can ask questions and choose the package which is suitable to your needs.
The Refinement Package is 45 mins but we advise you to set aside up to 60 mins for this treatment.
The Rejuvenation Package is 60 mins but we advise you to set aside up to 75 mins for this treatment.

Where can I park?
There is plenty of free on-site parking. Further information about clinic accessibility can be found here.

FAQs About Pricing & Payment

How do I make payment?
We accept cash or online payment prior to each session. Please refer to our T&Cs about payment here.

How much is the treatment?
Please refer to our price list here.

Am I entitled to a discount?
Yes! If you purchase 6 sessions, you get the 7th session complimentary.