What Is Beauty Acupuncture?

Beauty Acupuncture (also referred to as ‘Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture’ or ‘Facial Rejuvenation’) is a natural, anti-ageing treatment which enhances beauty and improves facial and skin health. This ancient Chinese medical practice has been done for centuries in China and other Asian countries.

Beauty Acupuncture is not as invasive as injection procedures and it is a safe and natural treatment with very minimal side-effects.

How Does Beauty Acupuncture Work?

It involves the insertion of fine, sterile, single-use needles into the scalp, face and body. Once the needle is in the facial muscle it creates a healing response and allows your skin cells and tissues to regenerate and repair.

A series of treatment sessions can remodel and rejuvenate your skin by doing the following:

  • Increasing skin microcirculation
  • Increasing metabolic activity
  • Improving oil and water content
  • Boosting collagen production & collagen repair
  • Improving skin elasticity
  • Improving lymphatic drainage
  • Increasing facial muscle tone and tightening pores
  • Restoring and balancing the body’s homeostasis

How Will Beauty Acupuncture Benefit You?

Facial cosmetic acupuncture is described by ‘The Times’ as a “viable alternative to cosmetic surgery” and has been referred to as the “acupuncture face-lift.” According to research, the benefits include the following:

  • Reducing signs of ageing
  • Eliminating facial wrinkles and lines
  • Improving skin firmness
  • Brightening dull skin
  • Reducing facial puffiness and sagging
  • Reducing dark circles and eye bags
  • Clearing acne and hormonal acne
  • Calming rosacea
  • Improving hormonal balance
  • Diminishing age spots and scars
  • Increasing skin moisture and hydration
  • Improving internal health and wellbeing
  • Livening the appearance of your eyes

Aside from preserving a youthful appearance, the sessions also include body acupuncture since Chinese medicine teaches that the face is a reflection of the function of the internal organs! This restores your overall holistic wellbeing and clients have reported:

  • Reduced pain
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved digestion
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved emotional state
  • Balanced hormonal system

The current evidence on acupuncture treatment also suggests that acupuncture improves the feeling of empowerment in patients and they describe the treatment as a positive experience.

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